Pro Bono & Community

Volunteer Time Off Program

The firm’s Volunteer Time Off program allows attorneys and staff to devote one scheduled workday per year to lend support to eligible organizations enacting positive change in our three areas of philanthropic focus: Equality, Justice, and Sustainability or that further the goals of our Commitment to Equitable Education. Since the program’s inception in 2020, numerous members of the Paul Hastings family have answered the call to action to help advance social change and volunteered more than 500 hours in the local community.

Whether it be through mentoring, peacefully protesting, or volunteering, many members of the PH community have answered the call to action to help advance positive social change. Below are examples of how some have used their Volunteer Time Off (VTO):

“We attended the Juneteenth March and Jubilee, hosted by the No More Names L.A. Chapter. After marching, we heard from USC Law Professor Armour about how his own father was wrongfully sentenced to serve 25-55 years - a conviction he eventually overturned. The event sparked new inspiration to continue our fight for lasting change, and we are thankful for our ability to have participated in such an important, pivotal time in our nation’s history,” Alyssa Tapper and Michael Mottweiler, Associates, Los Angeles.

"I mentor a bright, dedicated prospective law student about the law as a force for social change. We read the America’s founding documents, learned from civil rights heroes like Frederick Douglas and John Lewis, and discussed what steps lawyers and non-lawyers alike can take to form a more decent, inclusive, and just society," Max Cardin, Associate, Chicago.

"I used a full day of my VTO time to assist a charity named Sharing Wonders to load up a shipping container with educational resources to be sent to one of the seven schools the charity operates in Gambia,” Usman Khan, Associate, London.

I struggled to get my degree, as a single working mom and the first woman in my family to finish college. I can still remember every single person who helped me on my journey, and that’s why I am so passionate about helping others in that position. Your support system can be anyone–even someone you meet in line for coffee. I had been looking for an organization to volunteer with, and when I saw the opportunity I signed up right away to connect with someone who needs support.

Leah Henderson, TMS Compliance and Data Analyst, Paul Hastings