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We take seriously our responsibility of environmental stewardship and strive to ensure that the best sustainable practices are embedded into all areas of our business.  We are committed to changing mindsets, not just behaviors, and look to provide innovative solutions for today’s most pressing environmental issues.



90% of our global offices are LEED certified or local equivalent in 2020


Recognized by the New York City Bar Environmental Law Committee in 2019


ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge Partner

Creating a Sustainable Future for our Oceans

Beneath the Waves is dedicated to advancing the conservation of sharks and the habitats they occupy through cutting-edge scientific research.

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Defending The Nature Conservancy

A team of associates in our New York office successfully defended The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in a suit brought by a landowner against TNC and the Mianus River Gorge (MRG).

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Green Team Events

Our Green Teams champion our local sustainability initiatives and serve as ambassadors to the community, driving positive change both within and outside of the workplace.

April 2020: Plant a Tree for Earth Day

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day we pledged $10,000 to plant a tree on behalf of all of our employees through The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” campaign. Through an interactive component, our people were given the opportunity to choose where they wanted to plant their tree.

The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees Campaign

March 2020: Meatless Mondays

Our San Francisco and Palo Alto offices participated in a Meatless Monday challenge for the entire month of March to raise awareness about the climate impact of the meat production industry.

January 2020: Have a Renewable New Year

Our Orange County and San Diego offices share a Renewable New Year email campaign to give people tips on how to make more sustainable choices and build renewable habits for 2020.

December 2019: Dreaming of a Green Winter

Instead of a white winter, our New York office was dreaming of a green winter with their office bingo highlighting tips for being sustainable during the winter and holiday season. Tips included giving e-gift cards or e-books and reusing or recycling wrapping paper.

November 2019: Go Green Week

Our Washington, D.C. office hosted a celebration to encourage sustainable choices at the office. Kicking off the week with a Meatless Monday lunch, the local Green Team encouraged colleagues to sign the UN Stop Pollution Pledge, and hosted a variety of Green Trivia events to educate the office about how to make sustainable choices.

October 2019: Cleaning up the Buffalo Bayou

Our Houston office and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership came together on a Saturday morning to clear debris from the bayou.

Buffalo Bayou Cleanup

September 2019: Restoring the Frankfurt City Forest

Following an unprecedented summer heatwave, the City of Frankfurt issued a public call for the donation of 4000 trees to replenish the forest. Our Frankfurt office answered that call, donating trees and time to the city-wide effort. Last year, our Frankfurt office also sponsored the planting of four trees in our building’s plaza with a plaque reaffirming our commitment to environmental sustainability.

August 2019: Ain’t Nothing But Sand

Our SoCal offices weren’t afraid to get sandy and help cleanup Hermosa Beach in the South Bay.

Hermosa Beach Clean-Up

July 2019: Green Week Chicago

Kicking off with a meatless Monday, our Chicagoans showed their green trivia skills and learned about how to make more sustainable choices.

June 2019: How to Host a Sustainable Summer BBQ

With an electric grill and no meat products, our Frankfurt office showed us how to throw a sustainable summer BBQ.

May 2019: Meatless Mondays all May

Our Palo Alto office hosted a meatless lunch on every Monday in May to raise awareness about the negative environmental impacts associated with meat production.

April 2019: Celebrating Earth Day by Saying No to Plastic Straws

To reduce the nearly 500 million single-use plastic straws thrown away every day, all employees were gifted stainless steel straws and encouraged to say no to plastic straws.

March 2019: Power Down for Earth Hour

On March 24th, the Firm joined millions of people around the globe for Earth Hour to raise awareness of the sustainability issues facing our planet. All of our offices were encouraged to power down from 8:30PM – 9:30PM local time.

February 2019: Go Green Trivia

Our Houston office tested their trivia skills while learning how to make more sustainable choices in everyday life.

January 2019: New Year’s No Plastic Pledge

Our San Francisco office made a new year’s resolution to reduce disposable plastic usage. In exchange for signing a pledge, employees received a stainless steel flatware set to help reduce reliance on single-use disposable utensils.

December 2018: Do You Know How to Properly Recycle?

We invited representatives from Recology, one of San Francisco’s waste recovery companies, to help us learn more about what goes where, how, and why so we can do our part to reach Zero Waste by 2030.

October 2018: Heal the Bay Beach Clean-up

Our Los Angeles and Century City offices supported Heal the Bay's Santa Monica beach cleanup.

August 2018: Can Vertical and Urban Farms Feed the World?

Our Paris office took a guided tour of Galeries Lafayette Jardin Perché’s vertical farms and learned about their potential to positively disrupt how urban centers such as Paris obtain farm fresh foods.

July 2018: Next Generation Environmentalism with ELI

For over a decade, we’ve sponsored the work of the Environmental Law Institute (ELI), a leading non-partisan think tank working to create a healthy environment, prosperous economies, and vibrant communities founded on the rule of law. Three ELI attorneys joined us for a conversation about the work they’re doing to make the world a better place for all of us.

“Making our day-to-day operations greener benefits our clients, team members, and families. We use remotely controlled multiple-socket outlets, saving stand-by electricity. We introduced ‘PH Goes Green’ bikes, used for short trips, reducing our carbon footprint.”

Broh Paul Ahiba and Christian Mock, Green Team Leaders, Frankfurt