Mentoring Social Entrepreneurs

Since 2015, Paul Hastings has been a partner of the Resnick Aspen Action Forum and the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN), providing thousands of hours of pro bono legal advice and services to AGLN fellows. With our help, fellows around the globe have been able to launch, grow, and accelerate the impact of their ventures, which span a wide range of areas including former inmates rejoining the workforce, residents achieving affordable housing, and military service members returning to civilian life.

LifeWork – Marc Allen

Marc Allen wears many hats in his day job as SVP of the Boeing Company and President of Boeing International, but he believes that there is more to life than just your day job. He believes your life’s most important work might be outside of Corporate America.

We helped Marc to formalize LifeWork, a network that supports individuals seeking to transition from corporate America to helping the community. LifeWork empowers, educates, and connects those in the corporate sector with those working on social enterprise and impact projects.

GripTape – Mark Murphy

Aspen Fellow and former Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy believes students should be the drivers of their educational journeys. We are working with Mark to formalize that idea into an independent, federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) known as GripTape.

GripTape’s signature Learning Challenge empowers students to pursue their educational curiosity and passions by providing the financial means and infrastructure to make their dreams a reality. Through this initiative, computers have been built, clothing lines have been created, animals have been saved, and minds have been set free from the restraints so often placed upon young people.

Kids Coalition – Ben Austin

Working to translate “Kids first” from a catchy political slogan into an operational reality, Ben Austin founded Kids Coalition to give students in Los Angeles the legal right to a high-quality public education.

The organization was launched in September 2017 when the L.A. Promise Fund—a nonprofit organization that partners with the Los Angeles Unified School District—agreed to provide facilities for the Kids Coalition. We worked with Ben and the Kids Coalition through early 2018 to finalize the nonprofit formation.

High Resolves – Mehrdad and Roya Baghai

Mehrdad and Roya Baghai believe that the increasingly complex challenges of our world require a generation of young people that is educated and equipped to act in the long-term collective interest of humanity. They co-founded High Resolves in Australia to deliver learning experiences to inoculate students against hatred and galvanize them to take action in their communities.

We’ve worked with High Resolves since 2015, helping to systemize delivery of the program at scale, ensure financial viability, and navigate global expansion. In 2018, High Resolves was awarded the $100,000 McNulty Prize for “inoculating” teens against hate.

“Our partnership with the Aspen Institute has opened up a new avenue of collaboration with innovators on the leading edge of social change. When our lawyers team up with Aspen fellows, we aren’t just providing legal counsel. We’re also advising the next generation of social leaders and collaborating on building a better future together.”

Brian Moran, Global Pro Bono Chair