Building an Inclusive Culture

See Another Side

Launched in 2018, our multi-year, firm-wide Inclusive Leadership program helps us be more clear-eyed about how our perceptions influence our interactions with each other and our clients. Through in-person workshops, which are supported by an internal engagement campaign, this campaign reminds us to be mindful of our behaviors and focuses heavily on bias and the impact inclusion has on corporate culture.

PH Balanced

PH Balanced seeks to redefine BigLaw culture by bringing together people from across the firm—attorneys, professional staff and management - to discuss shared challenges to achieving greater balance. Programming focuses on family and parental topics, work/life integration, mindfulness, mental health, stress management and wellness. In the U.S. and UK, we are working alongside peer law firms and corporations to implement the Mindful Business Charter (MBC), which addresses mindfulness and well-being in the legal community by promoting a set of best practices for a healthy work environment, and the firm is a signatory to the ABA Well-being Pledge.

Paul Hastings Affinity Networks

The Latinx PHAN Los Angeles hosts a local luncheon.

Our Paul Hastings Affinity Networks (PHANs) - Asia PHAN, Black PHAN, Latinx PHAN, PH Pride and Women’s PHANs — are open to all people at the firm, regardless of background, and include attorneys and professional staff. Our PHANs have been responsible for many of the firm’s most engaging events and progressive policies. Some recent events have included: “A Conversation on Intersectionality,” which overviewed how overlapping social groups affect inequality and privilege; “Hope, Hardship, and Refuge, Hispanic Immigration in Modern America” with Pulitzer Prize Winner Sonia Nazario; and “Generations” with The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law discussing the first long-term study to examine health and well-being across three generations of LGB people. Our PHAN co-chairs meet as a group with our diversity team quarterly and have individual check-ins more regularly to ensure members are engaged, our programs are beneficial and to have open and honest dialogues.

Members of the LGBTA PHAN attend the Out & Equal Workplace Summit.

The Black PHAN hosts an in-person meeting in Houston.

Women's Initiative
The mission of our Women’s Initiative is to ensure a platform for success towards elevating women leaders at the firm, in the legal community, at our clients, and in the world at large. Through this initiative, we identify opportunities to highlight our women as leaders, work to improve and expand upon our benefits and policies, create partnerships that facilitate meaningful business development opportunities and help facilitate relationships. The work done by the Women’s Initiative aims to complement the local programming offered by our Women’s PHANs, but has a broader view.