Clients Investing in Diversity & Inclusion

We partner with our clients to develop unique and engaging programming that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusivity and highlights the strength of our shared focus on attracting and developing diverse talent.

Culture & Inclusion Thought Leadership Series

Culture and inclusion are increasingly seen as key differentiators for businesses, especially when it comes to innovation and commercial success.

Through our partnership with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA), we are featuring clients exploring culture change, leadership buy-in, initiative building, and the emotional aspects of change. This project takes a focused and analytical approach to explore culture and the relationship between inclusion and diversity in an organization.

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Partnering with Clients and Outside Organizations

During the past year, we co-hosted several events with clients. In Los Angeles, the Asia PHAN joined with Bank of America’s Asian Leadership Network to host an advance private screening of Crazy Rich Asians. In New York, we formed a partnership between Barclays Embrace Asian Professionals Forum and our Asia PHAN to host a Diwali celebration featuring traditional food, dress, and dance. In addition, our Diversity Council partnered with a client's Law and Regulatory Compliance Department and Women’s Innovation and Inclusion Network to host “Kill A Word,” an interactive learning experience designed to help us be aware of the impact of our words in the workplace.