Pro Bono & Community

Addressing Racial Injustice and Inequality

In commemoration of Juneteenth, the national day of celebration memorializing the end of slavery in the United States, we announced a pro bono commitment of at least $7 million to end racial injustice. We will work on projects that address racial injustice at its systemic roots, including partnering with Innocence Project on a criminal justice reform project and the Brennan Center on an amicus brief to protect voting access, as well as drafting a model act for police disciplinary review.

More details on these efforts are detailed below:

Model Act for Police Disciplinary: Our lawyers are developing model legislation that can be adopted by state legislatures and municipalities to help improve the disciplinary or termination process for in cases of police misconduct. Organizations the firm hopes to collaborate with include the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and The Center for Policing Equity.

Law Enforcement System Change: This initiative includes research and analysis geared toward potential trainings for law enforcement on use of force, what constitutes a legal stop, the state of the law when it comes to “reasonableness” and its implementation. The firm also plans to address the current legal definition of “reasonableness” and whether it runs afoul of the constitutional right to equal protection under the law, especially in consideration of implicit bias.

Brennan Center Voting Rights Project : We have prepared a number of Amicus Briefs with the center regarding restrictive voter identification laws often used to restrict voter access for people of color. 

The Innocence Project : A cross-office team of Paul Hastings attorneys is currently researching the admissibility of false confession expert testimony in criminal proceedings across all 50 US states.

Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law: A pro bono partner of the Firm since 2015, most recently we have partnered on Election Protection projects leading up to the elections of 2020.

Additional Partnerships: The firm will be supporting projects the Equal Justice Initiative and others.

"We believe that we have a responsibility, both professionally and personally, to help those in need in our communities around the world. In the face of the continuing pandemic, and at this critical time in the fight against racial injustice, our dedication to pro bono service is more important than ever."

Brian Moran, Global Pro Bono Co-Chair